Moïra Cristescu

* upcycling * custom * made in paris *

MC X Idem colony

All looks of main characters for the music video of Idem Colony’s “There’s fire”: the Nyx and Syrinx dress for César-nominee Noémie Merlant, the Némésis dress for Lola Bessis, the Spring Perséphone dress for Noémie Zeitoun, the Pandore dress for Romaine Cochet, the Médée top and Atalante shorts for Eva Danino. Idem Colony’s ex-member Aghiad Ghanem is wearing the Thanatos cape and Augustin Raguenet the Morphée shirt.

Director: Mathieu Brelière
Writer : César Chouraqui
Stylist : Jahwanna Berglund
Dresser: David Labrousse
Set photographer : Sarah Chouraqui
Actresses: Noémie Merlant, Lola Bessis, Noémie Zeitoun, Romaine Cochet, Eva Danino, Aghiad Ghanem, Augustin Raguenet

MC X Francoeur

The custom-made Gaïa top created for artist Vanessa Francoeur expresses the soulful dark poetry of her music. The light on stage reflects the moiré effect of the fabric.

It was worn for a concert with Joseph Chedid at the Trois Baudets.

Photographer: Thomas Guerigen


MC X DeLaurentis

Custom-made jacket created for artist DeLaurentis. It was conceived to reflect and adapt to the lights on set: it is made out of a laminated iridescent fabric, tailored to the body thanks to geometric cutseams.

It was worn for many concerts including Le Petit Bain, Maison Noir & Le Hasard Ludique.

Video: Arthur Defays [Bonsoir! for Maison Noir]
First photograph: Tibo Nevil





MC X Clichés

Dress worn by gorgeous French singer/actress Sofia Essaïdi for the short film Clichés. She interprets a performer who faces herself and her life in the dressing room after her show.

Director: Mathieu Brelière
Co-writer: Jean Pierre Pancrazi
Lead actress: Sofia Essaïdi
Actors: Alison Gréaud, Philippe Sfez-Bedossa, Sara Tazi
Photography: Alexandre Jamin
Editing: Mathieu Brelière, Maxime François
Stylist assistant: Sara Joundy
MUAH: Mélanie Rouget
Script: Aude Ramonet
Production: L’Ogre Production

MC X There is no

Custom-made pieces created for Icy Roads’ new music video “There is no” starring olympic swimming champion Florent Manaudou and Xenia Tsvirko.

Actors: Florent Manaudou & Xenia Tsvirko
Production: Bombance magazine & Mounia Briya
Director: Frederic Monceau
Assisted by: Pierre Audouin
Mua: Odile Jimenez
Hair artist: Alexis Parente
Lingerie: Paloma Casile​
Locations: Hotel Amour & Le China


MC X La Mondaine

An outfit created for the prologue of the music video Icy Roads X La Mondaine, released beforehand as a teaser. On a mysterious Russian soundtrack. it introduces the singer of the band, Xénia, as the lead character: sophisticated, sexy and dangerous. This dress combines the codes inherent to the badgirls looks, but clearly establishing her supremacy.

Directors: Paul Lavau & Rémi Parisse from La Mondaine
Set photographer: Marie Pancrazi
Photographer: Marie Colibri


MC X Icy Roads

Ten looks were created for the music video, shot as a short movie, of the punk rock band Icy Roads by La Mondaine.
The five actresses embody sexy but dangerous vigilanti, each with her own style, but also forming a unity within the gang: each “badgirl” is entangled in leather straps, shiny stripes, embroidered ribbons. All costumes were created to be worn over Chantal Thomass’ lingerie, also participating to this project.
For the five actors, the costumes needed to clearly establish their status, position and personality as there are no dialogues.

Director: Paul Lavau & Rémi Parisse from La Mondaine
Set photographer : Alex Pixelle
Actresses: Sandy Farhi, Xenia Tsvirko, Oriane Si, Aude Fauconnier


Wedding gown

Creation of a wedding gown influenced by the fantastic Spring 2007 Christian Dior Couture collection by John Galliano. The train is composed of 30 meters of silk organza, cut out in more than 300 meters of bias, all hand-rounded with an iron. The optical white tulle and silk duchess satin corset are followed by successive layers of white, off-white and beige flounces to create a dégradé effect. The volutes are maintained by a crinoline structure underneath, secured with grosgrain binding.

The gown needed over 400 hours of work.

Headpiece: Zoe Sherwood
Photographer: Marie Colibri


MC X La Main du Mort

Three looks created for the short movie La Main du Mort, directed by La Mondaine. A sexy revealing dress for the “escort”, in Solstiss embroidered lace and black satin. A long cape coat for “Pierre” in heavy dark grey wool, imposing him as the main character, charismatic and powerful. A white shirt on a priestly garb for the “disciple”, tightened on the arms by black leather straps, evoking his constrained condition and submission to Pierre.

Directors: Paul Lavau & Thomas Burgess
Actors: Yan Tual, Yann Prig, Charlotte Eugene Guibbaud
Set photographer: Marie Pancrazi

MC X Cello

Creation of a concert dress for cello solo Marielle P. for a series of concerts at the prestigious théâtre du Châtelet, at the Philharmony in Paris and at the Ancient Theater in Vienna. It needed to respect many demands such as classy sexiness, comfortability and freedom of movement.
The dress, layering silk chiffon and satin, reveals a touch of skin through Sophie Hallette lace.

Photographer: Memmie Lenglet