Moïra Cristescu

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Catwalk show 2019

Catwalk show at Beaugrenelle presenting the following pieces of the 2019 collection: the Orphée dress on Angélique, the Téthys dress on Anne-Charlotte, the Hydaspe dress on Melissa, the Adrastée dress on Alisson, the Pleonasm dress on Stella, the Enyo top and Electre trousers on Sophie, and as the bride the Assonance dress and Oreste trousers on Kellia.

The following press article on sustainability in fashion reports on the catwalk show and the eco-conscience of the label.

Dans les coulisses d’une Fashion Week… pas comme les autres


Photographer: Polarizer Sami
Models: Angélique Hivert, Anne-Charlotte Moreau, Melissa Kellaou, Alisson Malfroy, Stella Koumba, Sophie Bergeret & Kellia
Catwalk production: Linda Timoh Henricks, Alizée Gruet
Location: Beaugrenelle


Lookbook 2019

Shooting of the 2019 lookbook, featuring the Niké, Pleonasm, Téthys, Hydaspe, Adrastée, Pasiphaé dresses, the Enyo top and Electre trousers, the Fall Perséphone, Psyché, Orphée, Assonance dresses and Oreste trousers on mythological queen Calypso.

They are inspired and named after powerful figures in the Greek mythology, such as Niké, the goddess personnifying Victory, Téthys and Hydaspe, two marine entities, Adrastée, a protective nymph, Pasiphaé, the Sun’s daughter, Perséphone, responsible for the different seasons, Psyché, the princess embodying the soul, Orphée, the musician ready to travel to the underworld to save his bride and Electre and Oreste, the vengeful children of the king of Mycènes.

Photographer: Mathilde Calhiol
Model: Calypso Delenne
Muah: Raphaëlle Sultan
Stylist assistant: Aurélie Antigny


Mini me

Two looks playfully presented with their mini-me version: the Psyché and the Galatée dresses.

These dresses are inspired by two famous figures in the Greek mythology. Psyché, meaning “soul”, is a princess of great beauty, who discovers the face of his lover by the light of a candle, symbolized by the dégradé from black to white of the tulle. Galatée is a Nereide who transforms her dead lover’s sinuous blood loss into rivers she can forever bathe in. Her skin, as white as milk, is evoked by the translucid organza.


Models: Aurélie & Andréa
Photographer: Memmie Lenglet


Buckle up

Collection inspired by Nobuyoshi Araki’s work, strapping silhouettes concealed under transparent layers, fishnets and flounces into harnesses.

The pieces are named after strong women in mythology and the harnesses after amazons: the Marpessa dress, the Lampado harness, the Atalante shorts, the Hécate dress, the Héro dress, the Lysippé harness, the Penthésilée harness, the Thémis skirt, the Nausicaa top & harness and the Léda dress.

Models: Gabriela Spader & Aurélie Combe
Photographer: Kasia Kozinski
Mua: Cassandra Ceschi
Hair artist: Cynthia Lefebvre
Stylist assistant: Leslie Wenner


Ruffle up

Capsule collection playing with ruffles twisting around the body, chosing to cover up or reveal it mixed with contrasting leather and vinyle.

The pieces are named after strong mythological characters: the Cassiopée dress, the Ariane pants, the Calypso top, the Electre pants, the Morphée shirt and the Cassandre skirt.

Photographer : Raf Moreno
Model : Xenia Tsvirko [Metropolitan Models]
Stylist assistant: Aurélie Antigny
Muah: Ekaterina Hlushchanka [Kate Boss]

Figures of speech

Capsule collection of poetic yet contemporary dresses, built around the contrast between the angular entertwining of straight lines of grosgrain and the fluidity of the silk chiffon and lace fabrics.

Inspired by rhetoric, the dresses are named after several figures of speech or “figures de style” in French : Allegory, Anaphora, Metaphor, Oxymoron, Hyperbole and Antithesis. They were published as an editorial in Kirsten magazine in April 2018.

Photographer: Marie Colibri
Models: Zoé Mussard, Oriane, Imène Pauloin
Mua: Isabelle Lefebvre
Location: Bois de Vincennes near Paris, France

Intimate echoes

The starting point of this collection was Jacques Rivette’s « the beautiful troublemaker », built around the constant nudity of Emmanuelle Béart : she is modelling for a painter, who places her in specific poses throughout the film. It inspired the incrusted and 3D silhouettes sculpted on the garments.  They play on « trompe l’œil »,  giving the illusion that the body is in an alternate position, with a pinch of humour.

The shooting “Intimate Echoes” by Marie Colibri presents the Hugging dress, the Foetus cape, the Crossedlegs dress, the YSL tribute dress, the Revealing shirt & Kneeling skirt, the Modesty top, the Yoga dress and the Landscape cape. The studio shooting also presents the Swaying trousers, the Hips bag, the Flamingo skirt with the stretching top and the Breast bag.

Photographer : Marie Colibri
Model : Clémence Durand