Moïra Cristescu

* upcycling * custom * made in paris *

Scorpio Jin magazine

The Niké and Pasiphaé dresses, Callisto cape and Winter Persephone dress on Yana & the Némée, Summer Persephone, Mélinoé & Hydaspe dresses on Evgueniia featured in the editorial ZODIAQUE published in Scorpio Jin magazine.

Photographer: Lucy Leroy
Model: Yana Yakovleva & Evgueniia Novikova
Muas: Jessie Lefler for Scorpio, Taurus, Gemini, Pisces & Justine Sirabella for Lion, Gemini, Libra
Hair artist: Marie-Claire Cabrillet
Stylist assistant: Aurélie Antigny

Guilty Pleasure magazine

The Adrastée dress, Danaé dress, Nausicaa top & Thémis skirt, Achlys top & Styx skirt on Mylène and the Metaphor dress, Hestia dress, Cross top & Atalante shorts and Sémélé dress on Styfen shot by Wendy Sama in a wonderful antique store in the heart of Paris. This editorial OMBRE was published in Guilty Pleasure magazine.

Photographer: Wendy Sama
Models: Mylène Rocher & Styfen Kirsmann
Muah: Chad Monroe
Stylist: Aurélie Antigny

Le Mans

The Pandore dress on Angeline, the Hybris dress, Oreste trousers & Uranie dress on Manon, the Icare dress on Fanny and the Daphné dress on Tiffany shot by Silvere Koulouris for Le Mans race circuit.

Photographer: Silvere Koulouris
Models: Angeline, Manon, Fanny & Tiffany
AD: Dawn
Le Mans team: Dan Bensimhon & Greg


The Cassandre dress, Mégara skirt, Hypermnestre top & Litote skirt, Leucosie skirt, Adrastée dress, Andromaque top & Thrasos skirt on wild Lauren in the Bardenas for the cover story OREADE published in Imirage magazine.

Photographer: Zanza Fine
Model: Lauren Sirica
Mua: Anne-Sophie Paolini
Hair artist: David Chhor


The Pandore, Pasiphaé, En Scène, Uranie, Assonance & Paradox on graceful Alisson shot by Zanza Fine at Fontainebleau.

Photographer: Zanza Fine
Model: Alisson Malfroy
Muah: Céline Lanclume

Phantom anthem

The Psyché dress on Bea,  the Summer persephone dress on Sheila, the Erinyes dress on Tiphaine & the Pleonasm dress on Susana shot by Marylin Suire.

Photographer: Marylin Suire
Models: Bcommebea, Sheila Shanel, TiphaineBS, Susana Pizarro
Mua: Femmedumaroc for Bea & Susana, Iamnora for Sheila & Tiphaine
Photographer assistant: Salomé Forgeot Guillemé


The Summer Persephone, Galatée & Gaïa dresses on mighty Mame Anta shot by Olivier Goy for the charity Fondationphoto4food.

Photographer: Olivier Goy
Model: Mame Anta

Into the factory

The Oxymoron, Winter Persephone, Galatée & Daphné dresses worn on wild Marie, shot by Olivier Goy for the Charity Fondationphoto4food.

Photographer: Oliver Goy
Model: Marie Wu

Gmaro magazine

The Psyché, Briséis, Anaphora, Metaphor, Théano & Pasiphaé dresses featured on the cover of Gmaro magazine.

Photographer: Helen Karam
Stylist: Anaisworking
Assistant stylist: Shania
Mua: Clothilde Puvis de Chavanne
Model: Childofnineties

French Fries magazine

The Daphné, Hydaspe and Orphée dresses on playful Angelique for the editorial A CITIZEN IN PARIS published in French Fries magazine.

Photographer: Katya Knyazeva
Model: Angelique Cazanove
Stylist: Alya Kolpakova
Mua: Sara Chiboub
Other designers: both blouses from Aeryne, boots from Joe Nephis