Moïra Cristescu

* upcycling * custom * made in paris *


Inspired by the changing of the seasons, shooting of the Persephone dresses on twin models Louise and Chloé at the bois de Vincennes: the red leaves of fall preceeding the dark winter, then the burgeoning Spring followed by the bright white summer. The dresses are named after the daughter of Demeter, goddess of the fertility of the earth in the greek mythology. She was kidnapped by Hadès, the god of the Underworld, to become his wife but he was forced by the king of gods Zeus to give her back to her mother for a part of the year, as otherwise nothing would ever grow on earth. So Demeter rejoyces at the return of her child causing Spring, lives happily with her inducing Summer, is saddened by the coming departure creating Fall and is desperate for her return forging Winter.

The Erinyes dress is also featured on the last picture, named after the daughters of Hadès and Persephone.


Photographer: Orianne Thellier
Models: Chloé & Louise Dupuis
Mua: Isabelle Lefebvre
Hair artist: Pauline Brunel
Stylist assistant: Aurélie Antigny