Moïra Cristescu

* upcycling * custom * made in paris *


The Summer Persephone, Galatée & Gaïa dresses on mighty Mame Anta shot by Olivier Goy for the charity Fondationphoto4food.

Photographer: Olivier Goy
Model: Mame Anta

Catwalk show 2019

Catwalk show at Beaugrenelle presenting the following pieces of the 2019 collection: the Orphée dress on Angélique, the Téthys dress on Anne-Charlotte, the Hydaspe dress on Melissa, the Adrastée dress on Alisson, the Pleonasm dress on Stella, the Enyo top and Electre trousers on Sophie, and as the bride the Assonance dress and Oreste trousers on Kellia.

The following press article on sustainability in fashion reports on the catwalk show and the eco-conscience of the label.

Dans les coulisses d’une Fashion Week… pas comme les autres


Photographer: Polarizer Sami
Models: Angélique Hivert, Anne-Charlotte Moreau, Melissa Kellaou, Alisson Malfroy, Stella Koumba, Sophie Bergeret & Kellia
Catwalk production: Linda Timoh Henricks, Alizée Gruet
Location: Beaugrenelle


Sheeba magazine

The Assonance dress, the Cassandre skirt, the Psyché, Antithesis, En scène & Galatée dresses, the Penthésilée top, the Calypso dress and the Hippolité harness on sculptural Moh Dia, Marie, Mathilda & Elodie for the cover story “Sur les toits de Paris” by Nath Sakura published in Sheeba magazine. The amazing set “roofs of Paris” was entirely built by Studio 612 in Montpellier.


Photographer & AD: Nath Sakura
Models: Moh Dia, Marie Wu, Mathilda Barret & Elodie
Stylist: Loïc Maupin
Mua: Manon Amiel
Hair artist: Alexia Fedidah
First assistant: Yolan Lemaire
Assistants: Magalie Clesse & Frederic Vire
Assistant decorators: Jean-Marie Cavalie, Michel Clermont, Simon Bacle, Adrien Quilici, Olga Escassut, Tao Palawai, Alain Scherer & Hervé Delmas
Studio: B612

L’Officiel magazine

The Pasiphaé and Psyché dresses featured on statuesque Anna in the editorial Monte Cristo for L’officiel Vietnam.


Photographer: Olivier Caumartin
Model: Anna NGuyen Thuy
Mua: Elodie Le Roux
Video: Nino Carlo
Hotel: Monte Cristo



Inspired by the changing of the seasons, shooting of the Persephone dresses on twin models Louise and Chloé at the bois de Vincennes: the red leaves of fall preceeding the dark winter, then the burgeoning Spring followed by the bright white summer. The dresses are named after the daughter of Demeter, goddess of the fertility of the earth in the greek mythology. She was kidnapped by Hadès, the god of the Underworld, to become his wife but he was forced by the king of gods Zeus to give her back to her mother for a part of the year, as otherwise nothing would ever grow on earth. So Demeter rejoyces at the return of her child causing Spring, lives happily with her inducing Summer, is saddened by the coming departure creating Fall and is desperate for her return forging Winter.

The Erinyes dress is also featured on the last picture, named after the daughters of Hadès and Persephone.


Photographer: Orianne Thellier
Models: Chloé & Louise Dupuis
Mua: Isabelle Lefebvre
Hair artist: Pauline Brunel
Stylist assistant: Aurélie Antigny




Lookbook 2019

Shooting of the 2019 lookbook, featuring the Niké, Pleonasm, Téthys, Hydaspe, Adrastée, Pasiphaé dresses, the Enyo top and Electre trousers, the Fall Perséphone, Psyché, Orphée, Assonance dresses and Oreste trousers on mythological queen Calypso.

They are inspired and named after powerful figures in the Greek mythology, such as Niké, the goddess personnifying Victory, Téthys and Hydaspe, two marine entities, Adrastée, a protective nymph, Pasiphaé, the Sun’s daughter, Perséphone, responsible for the different seasons, Psyché, the princess embodying the soul, Orphée, the musician ready to travel to the underworld to save his bride and Electre and Oreste, the vengeful children of the king of Mycènes.

Photographer: Mathilde Calhiol
Model: Calypso Delenne
Muah: Raphaëlle Sultan
Stylist assistant: Aurélie Antigny