Moïra Cristescu

* upcycling * custom * made in paris *

Gmaro magazine

The Psyché, Briséis, Anaphora, Metaphor, Théano & Pasiphaé dresses featured on the cover of Gmaro magazine.

Photographer: Helen Karam
Stylist: Anaisworking
Assistant stylist: Shania
Mua: Clothilde Puvis de Chavanne
Model: Childofnineties

Mini me

Two looks playfully presented with their mini-me version: the Psyché and the Galatée dresses.

These dresses are inspired by two famous figures in the Greek mythology. Psyché, meaning “soul”, is a princess of great beauty, who discovers the face of his lover by the light of a candle, symbolized by the dégradé from black to white of the tulle. Galatée is a Nereide who transforms her dead lover’s sinuous blood loss into rivers she can forever bathe in. Her skin, as white as milk, is evoked by the translucid organza.


Models: Aurélie & Andréa
Photographer: Memmie Lenglet