Moïra Cristescu

* upcycling * custom * made in paris *

MC X Clichés

Dress worn by gorgeous French singer/actress Sofia Essaïdi for the short film Clichés. She interprets a performer who faces herself and her life in the dressing room after her show.

Director: Mathieu Brelière
Co-writer: Jean Pierre Pancrazi
Lead actress: Sofia Essaïdi
Actors: Alison Gréaud, Philippe Sfez-Bedossa, Sara Tazi
Photography: Alexandre Jamin
Editing: Mathieu Brelière, Maxime François
Stylist assistant: Sara Joundy
MUAH: Mélanie Rouget
Script: Aude Ramonet
Production: L’Ogre Production

MC X La Main du Mort

Three looks created for the short movie La Main du Mort, directed by La Mondaine. A sexy revealing dress for the “escort”, in Solstiss embroidered lace and black satin. A long cape coat for “Pierre” in heavy dark grey wool, imposing him as the main character, charismatic and powerful. A white shirt on a priestly garb for the “disciple”, tightened on the arms by black leather straps, evoking his constrained condition and submission to Pierre.

Directors: Paul Lavau & Thomas Burgess
Actors: Yan Tual, Yann Prig, Charlotte Eugene Guibbaud
Set photographer: Marie Pancrazi