Moïra Cristescu

* upcycling * custom * made in paris *

MC X There is no

Custom-made pieces created for Icy Roads’ new music video “There is no” starring olympic swimming champion Florent Manaudou and Xenia Tsvirko.

Actors: Florent Manaudou & Xenia Tsvirko
Production: Bombance magazine & Mounia Briya
Director: Frederic Monceau
Assisted by: Pierre Audouin
Mua: Odile Jimenez
Hair artist: Alexis Parente
Lingerie: Paloma Casile​
Locations: Hotel Amour & Le China


MC X Icy Roads

Ten looks were created for the music video, shot as a short movie, of the punk rock band Icy Roads by La Mondaine.
The five actresses embody sexy but dangerous vigilanti, each with her own style, but also forming a unity within the gang: each “badgirl” is entangled in leather straps, shiny stripes, embroidered ribbons. All costumes were created to be worn over Chantal Thomass’ lingerie, also participating to this project.
For the five actors, the costumes needed to clearly establish their status, position and personality as there are no dialogues.

Director: Paul Lavau & Rémi Parisse from La Mondaine
Set photographer : Alex Pixelle
Actresses: Sandy Farhi, Xenia Tsvirko, Oriane Si, Aude Fauconnier



Creation of a series of costumes for the performance “La Cabine” at the Parisian gallery Nivet-Carzon in the Marais. As voyeurs, we watch a model move and evolve in adequation with the live music in different successive environments. The silhouette is like a Russian doll, each superposed garment opens up and unveils the layer underneath, revealing in depth her personality: her armour protecting her, her origins, her “on stage” character and at the core her natural self.

Creators: Lmmpx collective (Marie Pancrazi, Xenia Tsvirko, Mathieu Brelière, Paul Lavau and sound designer Leo Virgile)

Photographer: Marie Colibri