Moïra Cristescu

* upcycling * custom * made in paris *

MC X Idem colony

All looks of main characters for the music video of Idem Colony’s “There’s fire”: the Nyx and Syrinx dress for César-nominee Noémie Merlant, the Némésis dress for Lola Bessis, the Spring Perséphone dress for Noémie Zeitoun, the Pandore dress for Romaine Cochet, the Médée top and Atalante shorts for Eva Danino. Idem Colony’s ex-member Aghiad Ghanem is wearing the Thanatos cape and Augustin Raguenet the Morphée shirt.

Director: Mathieu Brelière
Writer : César Chouraqui
Stylist : Jahwanna Berglund
Dresser: David Labrousse
Set photographer : Sarah Chouraqui
Actresses: Noémie Merlant, Lola Bessis, Noémie Zeitoun, Romaine Cochet, Eva Danino, Aghiad Ghanem, Augustin Raguenet

Scorpio Jin magazine

The Niké and Pasiphaé dresses, Callisto cape and Winter Persephone dress on Yana & the Némée, Summer Persephone, Mélinoé & Hydaspe dresses on Evgueniia featured in the editorial ZODIAQUE published in Scorpio Jin magazine.

Photographer: Lucy Leroy
Model: Yana Yakovleva & Evgueniia Novikova
Muas: Jessie Lefler for Scorpio, Taurus, Gemini, Pisces & Justine Sirabella for Lion, Gemini, Libra
Hair artist: Marie-Claire Cabrillet
Stylist assistant: Aurélie Antigny

Guilty Pleasure magazine

The Adrastée dress, Danaé dress, Nausicaa top & Thémis skirt, Achlys top & Styx skirt on Mylène and the Metaphor dress, Hestia dress, Cross top & Atalante shorts and Sémélé dress on Styfen shot by Wendy Sama in a wonderful antique store in the heart of Paris. This editorial OMBRE was published in Guilty Pleasure magazine.

Photographer: Wendy Sama
Models: Mylène Rocher & Styfen Kirsmann
Muah: Chad Monroe
Stylist: Aurélie Antigny

Le Mans

The Pandore dress on Angeline, the Hybris dress, Oreste trousers & Uranie dress on Manon, the Icare dress on Fanny and the Daphné dress on Tiffany shot by Silvere Koulouris for Le Mans race circuit.

Photographer: Silvere Koulouris
Models: Angeline, Manon, Fanny & Tiffany
AD: Dawn
Le Mans team: Dan Bensimhon & Greg


The Cassandre dress, Mégara skirt, Hypermnestre top & Litote skirt, Leucosie skirt, Adrastée dress, Andromaque top & Thrasos skirt on wild Lauren in the Bardenas for the cover story OREADE published in Imirage magazine.

Photographer: Zanza Fine
Model: Lauren Sirica
Mua: Anne-Sophie Paolini
Hair artist: David Chhor


The Pandore, Pasiphaé, En Scène, Uranie, Assonance & Paradox on graceful Alisson shot by Zanza Fine at Fontainebleau.

Photographer: Zanza Fine
Model: Alisson Malfroy
Muah: Céline Lanclume

Phantom anthem

The Psyché dress on Bea,  the Summer persephone dress on Sheila, the Erinyes dress on Tiphaine & the Pleonasm dress on Susana shot by Marylin Suire.

Photographer: Marylin Suire
Models: Bcommebea, Sheila Shanel, TiphaineBS, Susana Pizarro
Mua: Femmedumaroc for Bea & Susana, Iamnora for Sheila & Tiphaine
Photographer assistant: Salomé Forgeot Guillemé


The Summer Persephone, Galatée & Gaïa dresses on mighty Mame Anta shot by Olivier Goy for the charity Fondationphoto4food.

Photographer: Olivier Goy
Model: Mame Anta

Into the factory

The Oxymoron, Winter Persephone, Galatée & Daphné dresses worn on wild Marie, shot by Olivier Goy for the Charity Fondationphoto4food.

Photographer: Oliver Goy
Model: Marie Wu

Gmaro magazine

The Psyché, Briséis, Anaphora, Metaphor, Théano & Pasiphaé dresses featured on the cover of Gmaro magazine.

Photographer: Helen Karam
Stylist: Anaisworking
Assistant stylist: Shania
Mua: Clothilde Puvis de Chavanne
Model: Childofnineties